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I am Dee Dee Zimmer, living on the mid north coast of NSW in Bulahdelah. I am a retired Vet Nurse, Ranger, Animal Shelter Manager and have studied in Animal Behaviour, Grooming and I’m a serving J.P.

I have had a passion for this most elegant and ancient breed SIAMESE for over 40 years. My first was a most beautiful seal point Siamese called Morticia, she gave us a few litters and lived to 15. After branching out into other breeds over the years, Toygers (which I am the founder of the breed in Australia) Maine Coons and Bengals. I went out of breeding for 6 years but still had the calling so back to the beginning I went. Siamese have always been my no 1 breed with their talkative attitude, funny antics and loyal personalities not to mention their striking appearance coming in four colours, Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac with beautiful blue eyes. I specialize in PURE Siamese with 5 generations of pure Siamese in their pedigree.

I am in the process of importing a Siamese stud to help with the gene pool in Australia.

I hope you enjoy my website and beautiful cats