Lovelite Cats

Our Queens

Meet the queens of Lovelite.

We would like to thank the breeders who have entrusted us with our gorgeous girls. 


Pet Name: Morticia
Colour: Seal Point
Date of Birth: 22 Jan 2023

Sire: Ecumene Ziggy Stardust Seal Point)
Dam: Jingili Sahara Mi Siam (Seal Point)

Morticia is our foundation queen in our return to Siamese breeding. She is a lovely example of the breed with a long slender body and vivid blue eyes, long tapering tail and even coloured seal points. She is a very loving girl with personality plus.


Pet Name: Cleopatra
Colour: Blue Point
Date of Birth: 04 April 2023

Sire: Kalinya So Leci Gold (Seal Point)
Dam: Fullcircle Democe Oriennne (Chocolate Point)

Cleopatra, our second future queen is a very affectionate girl who loves to climb and craves attention. Beautiful example of a blue point Siamese with light coat and even blue points and long whispy tail. Stunning girl.


Pet Name: Zanthia
Colour: Chocolate Point
Date of Birth: 24 April 2023

Sire: Kaluamoa Ocean Eyes (Imp USA) (Lilac Point)
Dam: Kalinya YD Demi (Seal Point)

Zanthia is a very sweet reserved girl who has a quiet disposition, loves to play and snuggle and also loves quiet time. Zanthia has an ivory coat and chocy points, simply stunning.

Future Queens


Colour: Lilac Point
Date of Birth: 21 May 2024

Sire: Karrina Shogun Wulfie (Blue Point)
Dam: Kalinya Lo Cleopatra (Blue Point)